Continuous electrodeionization (CEDI) product are the most advanced generation of ion exchange technology. CEDI is a chemical-free process that uses ion exchange resin and electricity to produce ultrapure deionized water. Our products are environmentally friendly, operate with continuous production, and have extremely low operating costs when compared to chemically regenerated ion exchange technology. Ionpure currently has three lines of electrodeionization we also offer supplementary equipment ranging from DC Power Controller to Piping Adapters to fit your system requirements.

Essentially Different From Conventional Ion
Exchange Resin Purification Systems.

Ionpure continuous electrodeionization modulez utilize ion exchange resins primarily as a bridge to allow electric current to pass through the electrodeionization cell. This allows us to operate the modules without any brine injection or concentrate recycle. Additionally, the ion exchange resins are used to “Polish” the purified water stream by removing minute quantities of silica, carbon dioxide and other contaminats. The ion exchange resins are continually being regenerated by the dissociated hydrogen and hydroxyl ions that have been created by the electric current. Electrodeionization utilizes no chemical regenerants and creates no hazardous wastes.