Tap, Brackish, and Seawater (Desalination)


Designed to produce low dissolved solids water from tab, brackish or sea water, these system use high quality reverse osmosis membranes. The product water is used in application such as semi conductor, boiled feed, pharmaceutical, municipal, water reuse, food processing, bottling, and a wide variety of other applications.

RO system use fouling resistant membranes, pressure vessel from special composite, contain multiple element and are mounted in a horizontal position, pressurized water system generated by heavy duty vertical multistage stainless steel pump.



Key featuresBW-RO

  • Over 10 years of experience is reflected in our quality
  • Heavy duty marine painted frame
  • SS High pressure components
  • Microprocessor Controlled Operation
  • Conservatively engineered for reliable long time performance
  • Factory tasted to ensure trouble free operation
  • PLC & Touch Screen monitor available for large system